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Information for patients


If you have an acute metabolic condition and become acutely unwell at any time of the day or night:

  1. start your oral emergency regimen immediately
  2. do not delay going to hospital whilst trying to contact us
  3. take your emergency guideline with you, which contains information on how admitting teams can contact us
  4. take all of your regular medication with you


Care and respond

Care and respond (opens in new tab) is a new app centered on building strong informed networks around an individual. Users can share their health profile - called a passport - with others, including the emergency services and are able to set up a local support group who can help them in an emergency. The passport can be securely shared with health services by the user, raising awareness of medical conditions, that may be rare or complex and often time-critical, to support clinical decision making.

The app has been developed in Wales by Science and Engineering Applications Ltd in collaboration with various patient groups and the NHS, with grant funding from the Welsh Government.

Accessible toilets

The RADAR Key Scheme or National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, which is now Disability Rights UK, worked in partnership with Nicholls & Clarke, the inventors of the RADAR lock and together they created the National Key Scheme (NKS). The first RADAR locks were fitted in 1981 to help keep accessible toilets free from vandalism and misuse.

For more information on RADAR keys and locations, and where keys can be purchased, please contact your local council or Disability Rights UK (opens in new tab). To find out if there are any RADAR toilets near your travel destination, you can use the Great British Public Toilet Map (opens in new tab) website.

Changing Places toilets (opens in new tab) offer additional equipment and facilities, over and above a standard accessible toilet. They are designed to allow people with more complex disabilities to use the toilets safely and comfortably. Use the Changing Places map (opens in new tab) to locate a toilet near you.


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