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Bank FAQ - Guide for Substantive (Internal) Staff

How am I able to find available shifts?

To find available shifts you have a number of options, you can:

How can I book an available shift?

To book an available shift you can: 

  • ring the Temporary Staffing Department – 02920 716200
  • send a message via the Temporary Staffing Department Facebook Page
  • use the new self-allocation function on R-Roster account

How far in advance can I book a shift?

Depending on certain clinical areas, some shifts are available as far as 4 weeks in advance. 

What if I need to cancel a shift?

If this happened ‘Out of Hours’ then please contact the ward you are booked on to as soon as possible, and inform them you are not able to work the shift.

If this is in normal hours then please contact the Temporary Staffing Department. Please try and give as much notice as possible to help us fill the shift you are canceling. 

How many additional hours can I work

You are able to work up to 52.2 hours a week, in line with the European working time directive. If you have any question concerning the working time directive the Working Time Policy is listed on our workforce policies page

Will I always know which clinical area I am allocated to?

As a bank nurse you generally choose where you want to work, but please note that on occasion you may be moved due to clinical need – Exceptions are when you are booked to a POOL shift.

Where should I direct my questions if I have a pay query?

Firstly it is advisable to always contact the clinical area you worked in, this is to check if that shift has been verified.

If your shift has been verified, then you need to contact the payroll.

If I have not worked a bank shift in the last 3 months – am I still a member of the bank or have I been removed?

If you haven’t worked a shift in 3 months, you will need to make contact with the Temporary Staffing Department first before booking any shifts.

If you have any further questions there is now a Temporary Staffing Department Facebook page that you can request to join. 

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