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COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programme

Image of patient being vaccinated

Last updated: 01/09/22

We're working with our partners to vaccinate the population of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan as quickly as possible. Please navigate these pages to find out more about our COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programme and follow our progress.  

Please note, you can only walk-in for your vaccination if:

  • It has been 28 days since a positive COVID test
  • There is a 12 week gap since you received your last dose
  • NOTE: Some individuals may be offered an appointment 8 weeks after their last dose

We are aware of an email scam circulating about COVID-19 vaccinations that claims to be from the NHS. COVID-19 vaccines currently can’t be bought privately in the UK and vaccinations are free of charge. Please be vigilant to potential scams about the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programme, and do not share any personal information.


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