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Stakeholder Reference Group

The purpose of the Stakeholder Reference Group is to encourage full engagement and active debate amongst stakeholders from across the communities served by the UHB.  By doing so, it aims to use the balanced opinions of its stakeholders to inform the UHB’s decision making process.
The full role of the Stakeholder Reference Group is detailed in the Terms of Reference.
Chair:  Sam Austin
Lead Executive:  Abigail Harris
Secretariat:  Gareth Lloyd
Sam Austin, Childrens' and Young Persons' Third Sector (Chair)
Geoffrey Simpson, One Voice Wales (Vice Chair)
Duncan Azzopardi, Cardiff University
Mark Cadman, WAST
Sarah Capstick, Cardiff Third Sector Council 
Garry Davies, South Wales Fire and Rescue
Elizabeth Fussell, NHS Volunteer
Iona Gordon, Cardiff Council
Tricia Griffiths, Carer
Shayne Hembrow, Registered Social Landlords
Zoe King, Diverse Cymru
Steve Jones, South Wales Police
Paula Martyn, Independent Care Sector
Rachel Nugent-Finn, Vale of Glamorgan Council
Linda Pritchard, Glamorgan Voluntary Services
Formal Observers:
Nikki Foreman (Director of Corporate Governance)
Wendy Orrey (Cardiff & Vale Community Health Council)
Keithley Wilkinson (UHB Equality Manager)
Angela Hughes (Assistant Director of Patient Experience)
Anne Wei (Strategic Partnership and Planning Manager)


If you would like to attend a meeting as an observer, or would like any further information, please contact Gareth Lloyd on 029 21 836060.
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