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Medical Honorary Contracts

What is an Medical Honorary Contract? 

A Medical Honorary Contract is the mechanism by which a NHS/University employee can access Cardiff & Vale UHB facilities and information, whether that be for work, research or training, when they are not employed directly by the relevant Cardiff & Vale UHB. An Honorary Contract is not an employment contract and in no way implies an employer-employee relationship between the clinicians and Cardiff & Vale UHB.  

Honorary Contracts are issued to NHS employees who typically require; 

  • access to NHS patients and/or 
  • access to NHS premises and/or 
  • access to NHS patient data, tissues or organs and/or 
  • will have a direct impact on patient care. 
An individual MUST NOT commence any activities within the Cardiff & Vale UHB until all employment checks have been completed & honorary contract is issued.

Application Forms:

NHS to NHS Honorary Contract Application Form

Please download and complete as per the above NHS to NHS Procedure for Honorary Contract guidance

Further Assistance

If you require any further assistance, please contact Medical Resourcing & Systems on

External: (029)218 43134 | Internal: 43134 and select the option that suits your query.


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