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Antimicrobial Management Group

This Group is responsible for coordinating and leading on the antimicrobial stewardship programme within the UHB.

It is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the Microguide content to include current guidance and assist in the development of suitable guidance for antimicrobial use in the UHB.
  • Auditing the use of antimicrobials within the UHB
  • Providing education opportunities to all staff about antimicrobial stewardship principles
  • Supporting the Clinical Boards in their antimicrobial stewardship commitments

The core antimicrobial team consists of:

Dr Federica Faggian
Consultant Microbiologist
Ruth McAleer
Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist

If you have a clinical query regarding an antimicrobial prescription please discuss with Microbiology or your ward Pharmacist.

If you would like to discuss any issues related to the guidance, audits or education session, please use the email addresses listed above.

Some useful information is listed in the links below

Local guidance and policies

National documents

News articles and Antibiotic Awareness campaign resources

Papers, documents and articles referenced in recent news pieces from AMG:


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