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Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Coming into the hospital can be a very stressful situation for the child and their family. The following information is made available to assist you at the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales.

Information Booklet 

Our information booklet is designed to help ease that stress. 

The booklet is a brief guide for parents/carers visiting the Children’s Hospital for Wales.  It outlines what to expect, what facilities are available at the hospital, local amenities and places to eat.

We hope you find this booklet useful and that everything goes smoothly with your visit.

If you need any specific information regarding admission, please contact the ward direct.

Noah's Ark Boarding Pass

The aim of the boarding pass is to provide our staff with all the necessary information about your child when you use our hospital services.

This information will help us work in partnership with you in meeting your child’s needs.

Preparing for your anaesthetic

Follow the links below for some useful information which will help you prepare for your anaesthetic:

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