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Clinical Neuropsychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology works alongside inpatient and outpatient services across the Neurosciences Directorate to support people who experience changes or damage to the brain as the result of a neurological condition. 

We also assess people where diagnosis of a neurological condition is unclear.

Services We Cover


  • Neurology and Neurosurgical Wards, University Hospital of Wales
  • Neuro Rehabilitation Unit, Rookwood Hospital


  • Community Brain Injury Team, Rookwood Hospital
  • Epilepsy Surgery Programme, University Hospital of Wales
  • Neurosurgical Outpatient Clinic, University Hospital of Wales
  • Neurology Outpatient Clinic, University Hospital of Wales
  • Neuro Inflammatory Service/MS Service, University Hospital of Wales
  • Non Epileptic Attack Disorder Service, Rookwood Hospital

What We Do

Neuropsychology is concerned with the relationship between the brain and cognition (higher level processes such as learning, memory and intelligence), behaviour and emotions. Our work involves:

  • Neuropsychological assessment (to aid diagnosis of a neurological condition, mental capacity assessment, vocational advice or to inform surgical/medical intervention)
  • Psychological assessment of mood and behaviour
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Behaviour Management
  • Psychological Therapy (CBT/Mindfulness/ACT/Positive Psychological Approaches)
  • Self Help Groups
  • Adjustment Work
  • Family Work / Couple Therapy

We also work with staff teams and provide psychological skills training, consultation, support with difficult issues and team approaches.

Some of the services we work in are regional and Neuropsychologists might see people living in Cardiff and Vale and from other health boards across Wales.

Our Criteria

Referrals are only accepted from Cardiff and Vale UHB Consultant Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Specialist Nurses, Rehabilitation Medicine and other Neuropsychologists. We may consider GP referrals if one of the professionals listed above is currently working with the service user.

Our Aims

The aim of the team is to help service users and their families to develop strategies to compensate for specific cognitive limitations, to facilitate psychological acceptance/adaptation to the changes created by the neurological condition, to educate about neuropsychological changes including personality changes, and enable people to deal with emotional after-effects.  Service users have access to assessment clinics, goal focused one to one therapy and group interventions. Links are made with other suitable services.

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