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Background to the Strategy

This strategy sets out the Health Board’s Vision for improving the health and wellbeing of the populations we serve by 2035. We have challenging times ahead, but we are confident that by tackling these challenges together, we can support people to live healthier lives and reduce the unfair differences in the prevalence of illness and health outcomes we see in our communities today. We aspire to deliver outstanding care and treatment for people when they need it, where they need it; care that compares well with the best in the world, but to do so, we need to transform how we deliver services over the next decade and beyond. 

Since we developed the Health Board’s first Shaping Our Future Wellbeing strategy back in 2013 much has changed. We have responded to and learnt from the Pandemic alongside the increasingly visible impacts of climate change, health inequalities have deepened and the once future opportunity that novel treatments and interventions presented are rapidly becoming reality. We commit to taking the actions necessary to respond to these challenges as well as to adapt quickly and take new opportunities to improve the wellbeing of generations to come.

We finalised this strategy as we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the NHS. Born in Wales, the NHS has saved and transformed hundreds of thousands of lives, prioritising those in greatest need. To ensure it continues to have such positive impact we will work together to focus more on prevention and innovation and continuously learn and improve what we do as we invest in our infrastructure and people. This commitment is now enshrined in our new strategic priorities:

  • Putting people first
  • Providing outstanding quality
  • Delivering in the right places
  • Acting for the future

We would like to thank everyone, all our colleagues, patients, citizens, partners, and stakeholders who have helped us develop this strategy by participating in the many engagement events we held and providing feedback via the surveys. We have listened to what you have told us is important to you and hope that you see this reflected in this refreshed strategy

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