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Welsh Language in Healthcare


Our Welsh Language Aim

Our aim is to achieve an environment that encourages and promotes the use of the Welsh language within the Health Board for our Welsh speaking patients, their families and carers, and Welsh speaking members of the public to feel at home.

Our Welsh Language Duties

The Health Board received its compliance notice on 30th November 2018 and has had to comply with the Welsh Language Standards listed within that notice from 30th May 2019 onwards.

Click here to download the Compliance Notice.

Everyone who works for Cardiff and Vale UHB is responsible for complying with the Standards - those relevant to the whole UHB and those specific to individual roles. Line managers are responsible for ensuring that their teams comply with the Standards.

The link below shows how the Health Board helps staff to provide Welsh language care for our patients through training opportunities and guidance, and monitors that information for our annual reports.

Welsh for our staff

The duties which come from the Standards mean that The Health Board must not treat the Welsh language less favorably than the English language, and must promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language, making it easier for people to use it in their day-to-day life.

The Standards are very detailed, but in summary, this is what you can expect from The Health Board

  • Our general correspondence, signage, website, and social media will be available bilingually
  • Telephone and face-to-face services will be available bilingually
  • If you have made an inquiry or complaint, or applied for a job with the Health Board, and have done so in Welsh, your language choice will not result in any delays.

A process is now available for concerns around corporate compliance of the Welsh Language Standards.

Clinical Consultation Plans - Welsh Language

Our Welsh Language Progress

Please find below our annual Welsh Language progress reports and the latest one, noting progress and achievements for the most recent full financial year, will be published here annually, once it has been approved.

Health board staff encouraged to 'Meddwl Cymraeg' - Think Welsh


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