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Commencement of an honorary contract

An individual MUST NOT commence any activities within the Cardiff & Vale UHB until all employment checks have been completed & honorary contract is issued.

It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Manager to determine the induction requirements of their honorary contract staff. Induction includes a welcome to CAV UHB, work ready activities to include identity badge, relevant mandatory training for the role and a local induction to the work area.

It is advised that the Sponsoring Manager uses a risk assessment process to determine requirements.

When using the risk assessment process there is provision within this policy for the recruiting manager to not accept an honorary contractor without suitable evidence from the host organisation of relevant mandatory training compliance.

ID cards

All individuals who are subject to an honorary contract must be issued with an identification card. Sponsoring Managers must ensure that a relevant identity badge is requested in advance of the individual starting their honorary contract. Details on how to obtain an identity card are provided on the Cardiff & Vale UHB’s intranet:

NADEX IT User Accounts & IT Packages

if you require a Honorary Contract doctor to have access to UHB IT systems , the sponsoring department managers will need to visit to request an NADEX user account via the new IT Service Portal (you will need to be connected to the UHB Network to complete this)

Please Note: Medical Workforce do not request IT packages for any doctors. 

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