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Will I get the help I need straight away or a call back/doctor's appointment/ambulance?

Depending on the urgency and severity of your call, you may speak to a health care professional, who could be a nurse, pharmacist or a doctor. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to speak to more than one person to get the right treatment but we will keep this to an absolute minimum so you get to speak with the right health care professional first time.

If your need is urgent and requires you to be seen out-of-hours, you will be asked to attend a primary care centre. If you do need to be treated in hospital, you will be given a timeslot to attend the emergency unit or minor injuries unit.

However, for the majority of conditions, our highly skilled nurses or pharmacists will be able to deal with many cases. Our call takers are trained to recognise when there is a threat to life; if you dial 111 but do need an ambulance, you will be put through to the emergency ambulance service.

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