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Calling 111

NHS 111 Wales is also available by phone; it is free to call from both landlines and mobiles and provides access to both Out-of-Hours services and health advice from NHS Wales.  

In Cardiff and Vale, you must call NHS 111 Wales first if you need to access the Emergency Unit or Minor Injuries Unit if you have an urgent, non-life-threatening emergency.  

By calling 111, a call handler will assess your condition and help you get the right help, at the right place, first time. Callers will receive health advice over the phone, and if further assessment is required, a clinician from CAV 24/7 will call you back.  

If you need to be seen at the Emergency Primary Care Centre (Out-of-Hours), or require assessment at the Emergency Unit or Minor Injuries Unit, our CAV 24/7 clinicians will arrange this for you if necessary.  

Remember, 999 is available and should only ever be used when there is a life-threatening emergency. So, if it is not a life-threatening emergency, use 111. 

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