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Community Paediatric Continence Service

About us

We are a team of doctors and nurses trained in the assessment and management of children who have:

  • Daytime wetting (from 3 years)
  • Night time wetting (from 5 years)
  • Constipation and Soiling (from 6 months)

We are based at St David’s Hospital on Cowbridge Road East (Canton, Cardiff, CF11 9XB).

Your first appointment will be in a local health centre or clinic:

  • The nurse will assess your child’s continence needs.
  • The nurse may request additional information from symptom diaries or investigations. She will explain what is needed at the appointment and answer any questions you may have.
  • The nurse will give advice to suit your child. This will include, advice about drinks, diet or sleep (including alarm therapy for bedwetting), or advice about medication.

Most follow-up appointments will be in a telephone clinic. The nurse will tell you when to expect a call

Some follow-up appointments will be in a local clinic. Then we can talk to both you and your child.

You will only have an appointment with a doctor if:

  • You are finding it too difficult to implement advice
  • Your child is not getting better even though you are following advice

What we expect from you:

  • Please be polite to our staff and treat them with respect
  • Please complete the symptom diaries and have them available for telephone and clinic appointments – this will help us to give you the best advice.
  • We ask you to help us by following the advice given to you. Tell us as soon as you can if this is too difficult.
  • Please attend appointments on time.
  • Please answer the telephone when we call during a telephone clinic. Calls will be from a ‘Private Number’
  • Please cancel appointments with 48 hours’ notice – this means we can then offer the appointment to another child
  • Please tell us if:
    • You move house
    • You change your telephone number
    • Your child changes school

Discharge Policy

We aim to help as many children as possible to become completely clean and dry. This might not be possible for all children.

  • We will discharge children from the service when the child is as continent as he or she can be. 
  • Some children will continue to need some medication from the GP

If you cancel two appointments in a row we will discharge the child from the service.

If you do not bring the child to a clinic appointment without cancelling, we will discharge the child from the service

After discharge from the service, a new referral will be required if additional help is needed.

Help us to get it right:

We like getting feedback on the service that we offer.

You can make suggestions or comments by

  • speaking to a member of staff, or
  • by contacting the Health Board here

How to access

The service currently accepts referrals from any health professionals who have concerns about a child’s continence. Please note that referral pathways are being examined and this will change in the future.

Useful links:

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NICE Guidelines

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