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OH Online Questionnaire service

Occupational Health Service now offers an online questionnaire service, using the SHS plus product of our database system, Cohort.

This service will initially be introduced as of the Pre employment checks process, where when an applicant declares a condition on their declaration and further information is required for Occupational Health to be able to clear the applicant.

If you have received an invite to fill an SHS Questionnaire, from our team, follow the instructions:

Self Registration

You will receive an email from our Cohort system, with a letter attached requesting you to fill in a specific questionnaire. If you open the letter, it will have a link for you to self-register. If you follow the link by clicking on it, or by copying it and pasting it into your browser, you will be asked to self register, by filing in your name, date of birth and email and select your employer and the questionnaire  you've been asked to fill. You will also need to enter the security and by clicking Start, wil have self registered on the SHS plus system.

Responding to Questionnaire

Following Self Registration, you will receive an email with a PIN number and Questionnaire Reference number. You will need to follow the link on the email, enter your name and the details provided on the email. You will be taken to a screen to enter your registration details, and by clicking Next you will be presented with the questionnaire. 

When you have completed the form, and have clicked Next you will be able to attach any documents if you wish to. On the next page you will be asked to declare that you agree to how your data will be handled ad review your answers. You will now be able to submit the form.

You can also watch tutorial videos on how to Self Register and how to submit a questionnaire, on the links below:

SHS Plus - Self Registration (
SHS Plus - Employee Process (

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