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What is a concern?

A concern is simply a feeling or believe that something isn’t right.

You might worry that your concern isn’t “serious enough” or is about practices that appear “normal” to others you work with. If you believe patients or colleagues are being harmed or may potentially be harmed, then you should speak up.

Concerning behaviours, action or inactions that are not challenged risk becoming normalised within organisations. Employees are often left wondering how these concerning new “norms” have become established within their workplace.

If you are unsure about raising a concern, ask yourself the following questions:​​​​​

  • How would I feel if a family member was treated that way?
  • What might happen if I do not raise my concern? (Think about both the short and long-term impacts)
  • If asked to do so, could I justify why I chose not to raise a concern?

If you have a concern, speak up. Your voice matters.


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