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Wellbeing Workshops

The Employee Wellbeing Service (EWS) series of workshops is designed for individual staff members who want to understand more about themselves, how they communicate with others and increase their ability to attend to their wellbeing. The training is free to Cardiff and Vale UHB staff and can be attended in work time with your manager's approval. We are also offering Q & A sessions on a variety of Mental Health and Wellbeing topics every month! Our wellbeing workshops are all online. However, we also have a YouTube Channel with our workshops available to watch in your own time.

You’ll know best whether you would benefit from attending a Wellbeing Workshop. Sometimes people find a group setting daunting and worry about having to speak about private matters with colleagues. Rest assured, nobody is asked to speak about things they’d rather keep private. The workshop isn’t a therapeutic group but rather gives information, tips and ideas. Sometimes people choose to share their own experiences but only if they want to and it’s helpful, supportive and appropriate. The importance of confidentiality is discussed at the beginning of each workshop. Should you wish to discuss anything prior to attending a workshop contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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