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Equality and Health Impact Assessments

Cardiff and Vale UHB is required to publish equality impact assessments (EQIAs) on its website and intranet in order to meet its legal obligations and to demonstrate its commitment to equality, diversity, human rights and the Welsh Language.  We have taken the decision to merge equality impact assessments with our health impact assessments to create Equality & Health Impact Assessment (EHIAs).

As much as possible, our EHIAs should be in ‘plain English’ and free from jargon.

Click on the available file to view:

Academic Malpractice

Integrated Community Mental Health Team Operational Policy

Retirement Policy
Advance and Emergency Care Labelling of Specimens Risk Management Policy
All Wales IPFR Laboratory Medicine Quality Security Services
Care Programme Approach Latex Allergy Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service
Chaperone Policy Legionella Special Leave
Child Abduction Policy

Management, Issue and Use of UHB Mobile Phones

Study Leave Guidelines for non medical staff
Child Visiting Policy Management of Medical Equipment Study Leave Guidelines
Consent to Treatment Management of Stress and Mental Health Thermal Comfort Procedure
Control of Contractors Mandatory Training Thromboprophylaxis Policy
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Maternity, Adoption and Paternity Viral Gastroenteritis
Crisis Resolution Home Therapy

Mental Health Risk Assessment and Manangement

Volunteers Strategy
Dignity at Work Mininal Manual Handling 2014 EQIAs

Display Screen Equipment
Eye Test Procedure

New and Changed Jobs Operational Plan Children & Women
DKA Nurse Placement Operational Plan Community Dental Services Review
Donations of Organs and Tissues Occupational Health Service Operational Plan GA Dental
Environmental Policy Parental Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Operational Plan Medicine
Falls Procedures Parental Leave Operational Plan Mental Health
First Aid Patient Hoist Sling Procedure Operational Plan Primary, Community and Intermediate Care
Flexible Working Patient ID Operational Plan Skill Mix Review of Dental Complimentary Professionals
Health and Safety Patient Property Operational Plan Specialist Services
Health and Well Being Personal Appraisal Development Reviews Operational Plan Surgery
Human Tissue and Clinical Research Point of Care Testing Policy Peripheral Hospital Dental Review
Incident Hazard and Near Miss Reporting

Pressure Ulcers, Risk Assessment Prevention and Treatment

Cardiff and Vale Free WiFi
Infection Control Varicella Pumps Policy Mental Health Integrated Medium Term Plan 2013-14
  Records Management  





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