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eJob Planning FAQ's




Frequently Asked Questions for


e-Job Plan - Allocate Software




These FAQ's cover the job planning process for both Consultant and SAS Doctors
within Cardiff and Vale University Health Board




The platform for the e-Job Planning solution is




(Or type 'My Job Plan' into your search engine)




For more information or to request further support please email  or




Full and comprehensive user guides for Managers, Consultants and SAS Doctors are available in the support section of e-Job Plan


1. I've forgotten my Username or Password


If you cannot locate your details, or have forgotten your username and password, the forgotten password link on the login screen will resend new details once you have confirmed some basic details. If you continue to have problems logging in, you should contact your directorate super user, if you are not sure who that is please contact the department using the email addresses above.




2. How can I view or change my details?


You can view your details and update your password using the 'My Details' link at the very top of the page.




3. Can I change the type of notifications I am getting?


 Yes, you can change your notifications and email preferences on the link just to the right of the 'My Details' link as above.




4. I can't see my Job Plan?


In most areas the Job Plan's are being entered by the management team. If it is not showing in the 'My Job Plan' section, please contact them to check on its progress. Your area may instruct you to enter your own job plan. If this is the case they will issue a blank job plan and refer you to the relevant training videos and support documents. You can also access them via the e-Job Planning website:


Click here to access the web pages and support documents




5. How do I know if I am on the Old or New contract


Please choose New contract as the question is really only applicable in England as they have a new contract from 2003. The Welsh contract had amendments only. By choosing New on the system you will see the job plans in sessions and hours, whereas choosing old will mean it is shown in hours only.




6. Why does the system show that I am only available for 42 weeks of the year?


42 is the number of expected weeks that you will be available, once leave is deducted. It is set as a default figure by the organisation but can be edited by the sign off manager if it needs to be increased or decreased.




7. I work across two Departments. Will I have 2 Job Plans?


No, you can only have one job plan but it can include your work in other areas. You can use the 'Alternate Employer' option on the 'Required Information' tab at the start of your job plan. It is a free text box so you can add any other department. Then, just add the DCC and select the other Employer. If you need the job plan signed off by the second department please contact for further options.




8. My cycle works on a monthly basis but there is no option for that in the work cycle table, only weekly. What should I choose?


Please choose '4 weeks' and then tick the box below to 'Add an additional week each quarter' (this is only applicable to a four week cycle)
**Not all your activities may follow the same cycle so just select the one that the majority of your activities cover**






9. Outcomes - Can I upload evidence to support my Personal, Service or Board outcomes?


Yes, you'll find the upload/delete a file option within the "Required Information" section on the original version, and Upload Files in "General Information" on e-Job Plan 11. Attached documents will be visible to your sign-off manager(s) and will be listed on the printable job plan. Documents do not automatically copy from one job plan to the next and you should not upload documents that contain any patient sensitive information or identifiers.






10. My On-Call rota isn't available in the drop down list. How can I add it?


On Call rotas need to be added to the system by a Super User. Your Clinical Director/Clinical Lead should be able to advise further. If you do not have a Super User within your area, or they are not available, please email the details to




11. My On Call Sessions are a mixture of weekends and week days? Which option should I choose when I select an On Call Activity?


Choose whichever is more likely, the system will accept it and it will not affect your Job Plan.




12. What is the difference between adding On Call in sessions or hours?


The hours entry method enables you to enter your on-call rotas using the known time spent performing predictable and unpredictable emergency work; from this, the system calculates the number of sessions.
The sessions entry method enables you to record you on-call rotas by entering a pre-defined session value.

Please note: In accordance with the Consultant contract in Wales, e-Job Plan automatically limits unpredictable on call work to a
maximum of one sessions for each Consultant. Consultants are able to enter more than one sessions' worth of unpredictable work but only a maximum of one session will contribute to the job totals.
All on-call hours will contribute to the job plan and reports regardless of the sessions limitation. The unpredictable sessions limit applies only to Consultant roles.




13. An activity I complete isn't in the options list?


DCC activities are specific to each specialty. If an activity is missing it will need to be added by a Super User.  Your Clinical Director / Clinical Lead should be able to advise further. If you do not have a Super User within your area, or they are not available, please email the details to


14. There isn't an SPA for the activity I need to add.


The SPA list consists of the activities agreed in the new Job Plan procedure along with some additional ones that have been agreed by the Medical Director. Requests will need to be raised to the project group and then will only be included if agreed by the Medical Director






15. I need a work location added.


Locations can only be added by a super user or project manager. If you do not have a super user in your area, please send the details to the email addresses above. Please include a list of each department that it needs to be made available to.






16. Can I add a mixture of Timetabled and Annualised activities?


Yes you can, however they will be shown in different sections of the Job Plan.






17. Which option should I choose for the question "Can a hot activity reduce the occurrence of this activity?"


As a default, please answer YES to this question unless you actually carry out 'Hot' activities in your department.






18. What is a 'Hot' activity?


Hot' refers to activities that are delivered by doctors all year round, including the cover of annual leave. This type of work is often referred to throughout the NHS as hot week, consultant of the week (COW/COTW) or a number of alternative names.
Unlike normal routine activity that is only delivered during the weeks in attendance, hot activity is worked across the calendar year meaning that doctors will need to swap with each other to maintain coverage – we refer to this as prospective cover. As a result, hot activities will attract a prospective cover uplift to the number of delivered activities reflecting this additional prospective cover.




19. I am adding an annualised activity and it is asking for the annual number of delivered activities. What should I enter?


This should be the number of times you are likely to carry out that activity. For example, if it is one session each week, add the daily hours i.e. 3.45 then the number of weeks you are expected to deliver that activity. If you would carry it out every week you would enter 42 weeks as that is the number of weeks that you are available after deducting annual leave and study leave. If you deliver that activity every other week then enter 21 instead.




20. Can I copy a clinic/activity to other days?


Yes,  just click the 'Remember settings for next activity' and select 'Add. The settings will be remembered and you will be able to edit the day or start time etc. (This option is not available in e-Job Plan 11 mode)




21. I've added a Hot activity as annualised (or no specified day) but its not working correctly


Hot activities occurring either on 'no specified day' or entered as annualised will not attract a prospective cover factor, and no non-hot activities will shrink as a result




22. I want to add a Hot week but there is no option to add the whole week?


Although the option to add a Hot Week is available, there is no option currently to add an activity over multiple days. You will need to duplicate the activity across all days.




23. Do I need to add my non working days and Private work?


Yes please! By adding these activities we know you have commitments on these days so are not available to work, if needed.
They will add an hours value but no sessional value.



24. What if I also work for the University?


Please add all these sessions to your job plan (for the same reason as above), so the organisation will know you already have commitments on those days. You can use the 'Alternate Employer' option on the 'Required Information' tab at the start of your job plan. It is a free text box so can add any other organisation or workplace.



25. What do the tabs mean linked to some of my activities?


HOT - Indicates a Hot Activity                                                   SHR - Indicates an activity that has been shrunk by a hot activity
UNA - An activity that is unaffected by Hot Activity                 TCA - Temporary Contracted Additional Session



If you have any Q's & A's or Tips that you think would be helpful to add to this FAQ document, please email Kirsten.



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