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Workforce & Organisational Development "WOD"

Welcome to Workforce & Organisational Development "WOD".  We trust you will find our new website informative and useful.  

The WOD Function comprises the following Teams:-

Human Resources Equality and Welsh Language Learning Education and Development Medical Workforce Occupational Health  / Employee Wellbeing Service
Workforce Information Systems Workforce Governance Childcare and Nurseries Payroll  (NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership) Recruitment (NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership)

WOD Senior Team

Rachel Gidman;  Executive Director of People and Culture

Lianne Morse,     Assistant Director of Workforce

Claire Whiles,      Assistant Director of Organisational Development    

Jonathan Pritchard, Assistant Director for Workforce Resourcing


 As a team, our primary purpose is to deliver actions to make the UHB a Great Place to Work and Learn, in line with UHB organisational values.   We know that these actions will enable managers and staff throughout the UHB to develop and improve.

The senior team is supported by:

  • Jane Bennett, EA to the Executive Director of people and Culture (Woodland House ext 36010)
  • Rhoda Monks, PA to the Assistant Directors of Workforce and Organisational Development 

We have identified a number of workforce objectives illustrated below, which also align with the NHS Wales Working Differently, Working Together Framework.   

  • We believe that by achieving these we will be able to:
  • Grow and develop new and existing clinical leaders who will take us forward
  • Train, develop and recruit the best managers
  • Reconnect with our staff so we feel we are one team together
  • Help staff develop improvement skills and do improvement work
  • Support and further develop an ambition for excellence
  • Work more successfully with our partners
  • Find a way to implement technology to help us do a better job. and
  • Create the climate for innovation to flourish.



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