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Voluntary Early Release Scheme

The Voluntary Early Release Scheme [VERS] can help staff make a personal decision regarding their future employment by providing an opportunity for them to apply to leave NHS Wales with an appropriate compensatory payment.

Anyone expressing an interest in VERS must have been employed within NHS Wales for a minimum of one year and:

  • have not resigned or have accepted another post within NHS Wales or DHSSC at the time of submitting their expression of interest
  • have not given formal notice of their intention to retire prior to the date when applications are formally sought
  • have not been notified of the date of termination of their contract of employment for any other reason
  • must not be under notice of a Capability Hearing into their performance
  • must not be under notice of a Disciplinary Hearing into their conduct

Each expression of interest will be considered on its own merits by the Department/Clinical Board in the first instance, and there is no guarantee that voluntary early release will be progressed.

If an application is approved, the member of staff will receive a VERS Compensatory payment which is calculated as follows: 

  • One month’s pay for each completed year of reckonable service with the NHS, with a maximum of 12 months pay.

Any expressions of interest will need to be discussed with your Line Manager in the first instance.

Voluntary Early Release Scheme Application Form

Voluntary Early Release Scheme Managers Guidance

Voluntary Early Release Scheme Staff Guidance



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