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Annual Leave

This toolkit applies to staff on AFC terms and conditions only.

If you think that your Annual Leave entitlement on ESR is incorrect and does not reflect your carry over of annual leave, please don’t worry.  The People Analytics Department have received a substantial amount of carryover annual leave requests and are working through them as quickly as possible.

As this is a manual process it will take some time for your ESR to reflect this carryover so please bear with us.


Annual leave entitlements are part of your contract of employment.  It is an important part of work-life balance and is necessary for the physical, social and psychological well-being of colleagues, who are often working under considerable pressure and stress.      

All annual leave requests are granted subject to the needs of service provision.  It is the manager or supervisor’s responsibility to coordinate annual leave to maintain an adequate level of staffing while taking into consideration annual leave requests. Your annual leave should be recorded by ESR self serve if you have access or on your Annual Leave Request Authorisation Form and must be authorised by your manager.

The aim of this toolkit is to provide advice and guidance on the calculation of annual leave and public holiday entitlements as defined under the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service. 

The toolkit allows you to quickly download the required forms and there are Frequently Asked Questions to give guidance on common annual leave queries. 


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