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Free Park and Ride

Please note that the shuttle bus and park and ride is available Monday - Friday [excluding Bank Holidays]

Our free Park and Ride service is for staff, patients and visitors to our sites and is designed to help reduce the number of vehicles coming onto our hospital sites.

Park and Ride helps reduce our impact on the environment and improves air quality around our hospitals.

Our Park and Ride service is a convenient and stress-free way of traveling. With limited car parking spaces available on site, the Park and Ride service is free and designed to make traveling to and from the hospital as easy as possible.



We also run a free shuttle bus service between University Hospital of Wales and University Hospital Llandough for our patients, staff and visitors that runs several times a day, Monday to Friday. View the shuttle bus timetable here

Feedback from staff and patients

"Just to say I used the park and ride service for the first time on Thursday, I have not used a bus for many years and must say the service was fantastic. The service was efficient, easy to use, quick  safe and very friendly."

"Just want to say a big thank you to the UHB, for giving  staff, visitors and patients this convenient free service. It is much easier and less stressful than parking inside the hospital grounds."

"I’d just like to say how the park and ride has changed my life! I used to have to leave my house every morning at 6.30am to be on site at 7.10am at the latest to get a parking space. I don’t start work until 8am but if I arrived any later all the general parking spaces had already been taken. It was very stressful.  Booking a doctor or dental appointment used to a nightmare due to the parking, and therefore I would have to book a whole day's annual leave to attend a routine appointment.

"The incentives to use this service have been very generous, I would pay £2 a day just to know I had a parking space. The running times are great too, every 20 minutes. I now leave my house at 7.15 and still get into work in time.

"As a final note, I have made some lovely new friends on the bus from all different departments. It is a very sociable bus trip and puts me in a good mood for the day ahead.  Thank you for this service, it has improved my quality of life immensely."

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