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Staff FAQs

Empty Car Park

The safety of patients, staff, visitors and contractors on site remains one of our key priorities.

ParkingEye has been awarded the contract to manage car parking at the UHW site.

Yes, this service is free.

Yes, we will be evaluating the volume of people using the free service and then exploring the potential to run every ten minutes during peak times.

It takes approximately six minutes to travel to the UHW site. 

Staff are responsible for ensuring they inform the car parking office if they change their vehicle.

Yes, staff will be fined for parking in the wrong car parks.

Yes, patient and visitor parking is available for four hours.

Each parking charge notice is £70 and will be reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days.

There will be clear instructions on the back of the notice on how you can put forward an appeal. There are also full details on the Parking Eye website.

Staff who have a permit for UHW will be able to park in their allocated staff car park or any patient and visitor car park during the hours of 5pm – 8am.

Parking charge notices will be issued either by on site wardens walking the site, or in the post via the ANPR cameras.

We have to operate a fair and equitable system for all.

We will not be increasing car parking on the UHW site. 

Car Parking is an emotive issue and we are trying to cater for a diverse range of travel users to our sites.

Yes, having a permit for other sites doesn’t automatically give you a permit for UHW. Staff will need to apply for a permit for UHW.  

When visiting hospitals with parking enforcement for personal appointments, you are advised to use the staff parking if you are registered to park as a member of staff.

The new arrangements are applicable to UHW only for the time being.

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