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Find your Primary Choice

Are you still looking for that special someone? The person who provides you with the right support and guidance, when you need it? If you’re not sure what way to turn when it comes to your health, finding your Primary Choice is the place to start.

Across Cardiff and Vale, your Primary Choice is the healthcare professional in your community who can support you with your healthcare needs.

All you need to do is know who you’re looking for, and where to find them.

Find out more about the different teams who match your healthcare needs below.


Meet Andrew...

Community Pharmacists can do so much more than dispense medications. 

Your first port of call for all minor illnesses, whether it’s a sore head, thrush, or scabies, Andrew will have just the thing.  

He is also a good listening ear and gives out great advice and treatment, for free! 


Meet Claire...

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and Claire can help ensure you can see clearly.  

If you’re in pain, or are experiencing any problems with your eyes, Claire is the one for you.  

Meet Adam...

Are you in need of oral care? It doesn’t have to be as hard as pulling teeth.  

Mouth pain, troublesome wisdom teeth, bleeding gums or toothache, Adam can brush your worries away.  

Meet Kate...

Kate will be there for you when your blood pressure rises.  

So, whether you need contraception advice, health screening, chronic illness reviews, or immunisations, Kate is the person you’ve been searching for.   

Meet Sara... 

Are you a night owl? Sara is too.  

If you find yourself unwell at night and are not sure where to turn, you can find Sara at your out-of-hours service, providing you with the same care at night, as you’d get in the day.  

Meet Sherard...

Still haven’t found the right fit for your healthcare problems?  

You probably need to speak to your GP.  

Sherard can help with those more complex issues that are causing a problem and help to keep you fit and well.  



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