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Winter Health Advice

Watch the following videos to find out how you can care for yourself at home if you have Flu or a respiratory tract infection such as a cough or cold. 

If you have flu like symptoms Dr Campbell is on hand to give you advice on how to self care.

If you have a Respiratory Tract Infection in most cases you can self care at home.
Here is Dr Campbell to explain. 

During the winter it’s important to keep well and stay healthy and active.

Keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable relatives and neighbours to make sure they are adequately warm, and have plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated.

Make sure homes are warm and eliminate draughts to stop you from catching chills.

If you are eligible make sure you get the flu jab to protect yourselves and others from the virus. If you suffer with pre existing conditions such as respiratory diseases flu can be particularly nasty.

See our Flu pages for further information.

If you are suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting this is very contagious. It is important to wash hands thoroughly and try and keep yourself away from public places for 48 hours after your last bout. This is to stop spreading the virus to others. Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Be careful when temperatures dip outside. This could cause black ice on roads and pavements which can cause falls resulting in breaks, sprains and strains.

If you do fall and need medical attention, our Minor Injuries Unit at Barry Hospital is best placed to assist you and is open 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

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