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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my appointment be?

We endeavour to book appointments 4-6 weeks’ in advance of your appointment date.  We will send you a letter (or a text if you have agreed to receive texts) to let you know the date and time of your appointment.  If you can’t attend the appointment you need to let us know straight away so that we have time to rearrange it for you and offer this slot to someone else.

What if my details change?

Please advise us of any changes while you are waiting, for example if you change your name or your address using the change of details form. If you have changed your name, please send us a copy of your change of name document.

Important note regarding blood tests

There is currently no provision within the WGS for taking bloods, they must be taken by your GP. The blood tests are to establish basic good health (in terms of liver function etc.) and to obtain a baseline hormone screen. A blood form will be sent to you with your appointment letter six weeks before your appointment, 

It is important to get your blood test three weeks before your appointment to ensure we have the results ready when you attend. If any concerns arise from your blood test, we will contact you and your GP.

Administrative and clinical queries

You can contact the team on 029 2183 6612, if you have any administrative queries regarding:

  • Changes in circumstances
  • Appointment times and dates
  • Paperwork/correspondence sent to you by the clinic
  • Other general administrative enquiries

If you have any questions about issues directly linked to your gender care (i.e. clinical issues), we ask that you correspond in writing using the central email address

Please do not ask administrative staff questions regarding clinical matters as they are not qualified to answer them. Clinicians will write back to you to answer any questions you have. You may also ask your Local Gender Team or GP for advice or to write to us regarding these sorts of questions.

We appreciate that the transition process can be anxiety provoking and stressful at times, and that waiting times can be frustrating. However, we would ask that you treat our administrative staff with care and respect. The WGS is a busy NHS service and our team are constantly working to the best of their ability to help you.

If you need any medical assistance while you are waiting for your first appointment, please contact your GP or the relevant health care professional.