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Veterans NHS Wales

An NHS service for veterans with military-related mental health conditions


What is Veterans' NHS Wales (VNHSW)?

The Veterans' NHS Wales Service provides specialist mental health assessments and out-patient psychological and medication treatments.

Who is VNHSW for?

VNHSW is a priority mental health service for veterans and reservists who have served in HM Armed Forces and who have a suspected service-related mental health condition. Veterans sometimes develop service-related mental health problems and these can occur for many reasons ranging from deeply shocking operational experiences to difficulty adapting to civilian life. You DO NOT need to have served in a combat role in the Armed Forces to experience service-related psychological health problems.

Do you experience any of the following since military service?

  • Sleepless nights?
  • Frequent conflict with partners, family members and friends?
  • Difficulty coping with day to day tasks?
  • Avoiding social activities?
  • Feelings that you have changed since military service?
  • Feelings of guilt or shame?
  • Symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD?
  • Coping with symptoms through use of alcohol, drugs or self-harm?

What can VNHSW offer?

If appropriate, you will be offered a comprehensive assessment designed to help us understand your difficulties in order to establish how best to help you. The assessment will be offered online, using a secure video conferencing software called Attend Anywhere. Following the assessment, if it is agreed between yourself and the Veterans Therapist, VNHSW can offer face-to-face, video or Walk & Talk therapy (i.e. meeting somewhere in the community for therapy). Face to face appointments will be offered at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, a central city location easily accessible via public transport.

Who can refer to VNHSW?

 Referrals are welcomed from:

  • Veterans and Reservists (self-referral)
  • Primary care services (GP, primary mental health services)
  • Secondary mental health services (CMHT, in-patient services)
  • Third sector organisations (The Royal British Legion, Change Step etc.)
  • Armed Forces (DCMHS)
  • Family members (with consent)
  • Any other professional working with or supporting a veteran

How to refer to VNHSW

You can refer by:

  1. Completing our online referral form at and going to the page ‘referrals’ or:
  2. Contacting the main office via phone or e-mail:
    • T: 029 2183 2261 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)
    • E: admin.vnhswc&

Secretary: Amy O'Sullivan

What veterans have said about VNHSW

“This was the first time that I felt that I was speaking to a therapist who understood my issues as a veteran”

“The treatment was rightly challenging, but has been extremely effective – even when I sometimes did not believe it would work”

“After ten years of diagnoses I have made a big step forward now instead of being in the situation during flashbacks I can now see myself from outside which is hugely important for me”

“My therapist was great and knew how to handle the subjects I talked about”

“My therapist was able to make me see things in a different way and help me and my family become closer than we have ever been”

Helping veterans to get back on track with their lives

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