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Strategies & Interventions for Managing Aggression

Strategies & Interventions for Managing Aggression (SIMA) refers to Cardiff and Vale Health Boards approach to the safe management of Violence and Aggression.  

The SIMA training prides itself on keeping service users at the centre of its value base.

It hopes to equip staff with a range of communication skills and physical skills so that sensitive issues and potentially aggressive situations can be avoided.

This problem-solving approach helps maintain therapeutic relationships and promotes the autonomy and recovery of the service user.

SIMA Trainers

The Mental Health Services SIMA trainers are 10 nurses who are trained to impart a range of skills to other clinically based professionals, predominantly nursing staff.

The team consists of 6 male trainers and 4 female trainers,  drawn from a variety of backgrounds including Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Low Secure Services, treatment wards and Mental Health Services for Older People.

Together they have over 150 years of nursing experience. This breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable in both the training area and also in their respective clinical areas in ensuring best practice and safety for all.


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