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Liaison Psychiatry

The Department of Liaison Psychiatry provides a service to the medical wards at the University Hospital of Wales, Rookwood Hospital and Cardiff Royal Infirmary, as well as to Holme Tower.


  • Patients between the ages of 16 and 65 are assessed as in-patients by the medical staff.
  • Psychiatric liaison nurses assess inpatients at the Cardiff Poisons Unit at University Hospital Llandough.
  • Psychiatric liaison nurses assess patients presenting to the Emergency Unit. University Hospital of Wales


  • In-patients are referred via a specific Liaison Psychiatry referral form available on all wards within the hospitals covered by the service.
  • Physicians are also able to refer patients who are not already under the care of a psychiatrist in the community as outpatients.
  • GP referrals are accepted for patients who present with mental health difficulties related to medical problems, where these medical problems have been fully investigated.
  • A second opinion service is provided to Community Mental Health Teams to help with management of patients whose mental health difficulties are being exacerbated by chronic physical difficulties.
  • A cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist sees patients who have been assessed and referred by the Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist and junior doctors, but is unable to take referrals directly.
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