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Dermatology Patch Testing Patient Information

The clinic is held weekly, requiring patients to attend the department on three separate visits in one week.

All patients attend on a Monday where a doctor who takes a detailed history of their skin condition sees them.  The doctor then decides on which tests need to be applied.  The patch test request form is then given to the nurse, who prepares and applies the tests. 


The patients return on Wednesday for removal and primary reading of the tests by a doctor.  Further tests are applied if the doctor thinks they are needed. 


The third and final visit is on the Friday when the doctor reads the patch test and informs the patient of the result and provides written and verbal advice on this result.


Patch Testing is performed to help diagnose a contact skin allergy.  A consultant in occupational dermatology and a specialist registrar in dermatology provide this service. Preparation and application of the allergens is carried out by one qualified nurse and one auxiliary nurse.


There are approximately 10 to 15 patients seen in this clinic each week.


Patient Leaflets (outpatients)

Patch Testing Leaflet


Leaflets on many dermatological conditions can be accessed from  Once you have accessed the site, click on the Public Resources tab and then click on Patient Information Leaflets on the left hand side of the page.

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