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Dermatology Outpatient Information

Each consultant will have a specialist registrar in attendance at clinic and one or two clinical nurse specialists.  A Senior House Officer (SHO) will also occasionally assist.  These clinics are very busy with up to 45 patients booked into each clinic.  On some days two consultant clinics are run at the same time, hence it is a very busy outpatient department.

Day Care

The service is run by the senior nursing staff from a room on the first floor.  The service runs from 9.30am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Some patients attend daily for the same topical (applied to the skin) treatments, others attend weekly for supervision with treatment, and others attend 1-2 times only for an initial education.

Day Treatment Centre

The Dermatology Treatment Centre houses four theatres offering a day care service where all procedures are performed under local anaesthetic.  This includes Mohs' surgery wherby skin tumours are removed and processed within the department. The centre has two lasers that treat vascular conditions such as strawberry naveus, port wine stain, telangiectasia, and pigmentes lesions.

The two consultation rooms are available for consenting patients prior to theatre or for talking privately to patients or their relatives.

Outreach Clinics

Three clinics per month are run at Caerphilly Hospital with new patients being seen.  Any follow-up appointments are seen at the University Hospital of Wales.

University Hospital of Wales Outpatients Clinic


Monday AM Dr Motley's Team Dr Holt's Team
Monday PM Dr Chowdhury's Team (patch test) Dr Morris' Team Professor Finlay's Team (teaching clinic)
Tuesday AM Dr Holt's Team Dr Chowdhury's Team
Tuesday PM Professor Finlay's Team Dr Motley's Team (laser)
Wednesday AM Dr Chowdhury's Team (patch test) Dr Motley's Reg Dr Anstey
Wednesday PM Interesting Patients (2nd Wed of month)
Thursday AM Dr Motley's Team Dr Morris's Team
Thursday PM  Professor Finlay's Team (teaching clinic)
Friday AM Professor Finlay's Team Dr Motley / Dr Knight (CDMH Dr's alternate weekly) Dr Chowdhury's Team (Llandough)
Friday PM Dr Holt's Team Dr Chowdhury's Team (patch testing)


University Hospital Llandough Outpatients Clinic 



Monday AM Dr Long
Monday PM  
Tuesday AM  
Tuesday PM  
Wednesday AM Dr Long
Wednesday PM  
Thursday AM  
Thursday PM  
Friday AM Dr Chowdhury
Friday PM   
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