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Dermatology Inpatient Information


Most patients are admitted with extensive psoriasis or eczema, but there are also patients with rarer dermatological conditions such as bullous pemphigoid and also non-healing leg ulcers.

A nurse will also visit any inpatient in the hospital who has dermatological problems. This also includes children admitted with dermatological conditions.


The ward is located on the second floor of Glamorgan House, University Hospital of Wales

Tel: 029 2074 6343
Fax: 029 2074 5161
Ward manager: Sister Louise Robinson
Visiting hours: between 3pm and 8pm
Bed numbers: 10 beds

General comments

All patients require topical treatments applied multiple times daily.  They all have a treatment regime to follow each day which will include a daily wash or shower using emollients instead of soap, then an active treatment such as a topical steroid or coal tar.


Your Stay in Hospital


Admission to Discharge - What Typically Happens


You will be assessed by senior medical staff or clinical nurse specialist.  If you need to be admitted you will be informed, the ward will also be informed of the need to admit you and will assess how quickly admission needs to take place.


Once the ward is aware they have a bed for you, you will be contacted either by telephone or letter.  This is usually 1-3 days before admission.  You will be asked to phone on the day of admission to ensure the bed is available.

Admission Day

You must phone the ward at approximately 9am and the staff will inform you of what time to come in.  This is usually 11-12am. They will also ask to bring in your current medication and old clothes for when you have creams applied (if applicable).  Once admitted you will be seen by the ward doctors and nurses and treatment will begin.

Patients are generally admitted to hospital if their condition is acute and if the patients would benefit from treatment and education of their disease.


Your consultant or senior registrar will let you know when you can be discharged.  You will usually be told the day before.

Discharge Day

You will need to see the ward pharmacist on this day who will dispense your medication to take home usually by 11am.  You will be given a list of treatments to continue and a letter for your GP.  Your next outpatient appointment will then be sent in the post.


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