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Children's Speech and Language Therapy

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My child is not currently known to the Cardiff and Vale Children's Speech and Language Therapy service.


The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is here to help you support your child’s speech, language and communication skills. Our dysphagia team can offer advice and support regarding your child’s feeding and swallowing skills.

Our therapists know that parents and careers are the best people to support children’s speech, language and communication skills. You understand your child the best; you know

  • what they like or dislike,
  • what motivates them, and
  • how they are currently communicating with you and others around them.

Children’s speech, language and communication skills develop at different ages. There can be a lot of variation in when children develop these skills. A good language and communication learning environment can support these areas.

This short video called "What role do parents play in early language development?” produced by the Hanen Centre, gives some ideas on how you can help in everyday activities. The approach of integrating activities into everyday things at home is also relevant for all children with speech, language, and/or communication difficulties.



We have several therapists trained in this approach (Hanen) in our service, however if your child needs support we will always discuss with you the different options and approaches available to see which would help you and your child the most.


Please click on the area below that best describes your child or the area you would like more information on.

If you live in the Cardiff and Vale area and have concerns that are not covered below, please contact our service on 029 21836585 to discuss your concerns.

My child is not saying many words or is not linking words together

My child is finding communication difficult at school

My child is saying lots of words and phrases but their talking can be difficult to understand (unclear speech)

My child is having difficulties with their hearing

My child seems to be stammering when they talk

My child is able to talk but does not talk in in some places (e.g. nursery/school)

My child’s voice sounds rough or croaky (hoarse voice)

My child is finding eating and drinking difficult (e.g. coughing, choking)

My child is very fussy with their eating

My child is having difficulties with interaction and play



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