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Children's Speech and Language Therapy

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My child is currently known to the Cardiff and Vale Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service.


The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is here to help you support your child’s speech, language and communication skills. Our dysphagia team can offer advice and support regarding your child’s feeding and swallowing skills.

The therapist working with you and your child can suggest advice and strategies relevant to your child’s skills and levels of need. The therapist will guide you to the best resources on this website for you and your child.

Some resources may be password protected. The password will be given to you by the therapist if these activities are appropriate for your child (please contact the therapist if you need this information again).

Please click on the following links to guide you to the relevant advice for you and your child as recommended by the therapist.

If you have any queries about the advice for your child, please contact our service on 029 21836585.





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