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Space Floor (Second)

CHfW Space Space floor houses the Children's Theatre Suite and Rocket Oncology Outpatients (which is not accessible from the Theatre Suite).

Children's Theatre Suite 

The Children's Theatre Suite is operational in day time hours only. 

There are six theatres, four of which are already operational:

Theatre 1 Trauma and Orthopaedic

Theatre 2 Dental / Day Cases / Endoscopy

Theatre 3  CEPOD (non elective emergency surgery) for children

Theatre 5 accommodates the potential additional activity which will come across from other acute paediatric centres.

Theatre 4 Children’s General Surgery

Theatre 6 ENT, Ophthalmology

Theatre 5 requires additional funding to facilitate completion. Once operational, it will be able to accommodate the potential additional activity which will come across from other acute paediatric centres.


Additional Features

The Children's Theatre Suite also provide:

  • a dedicated recovery area with 8 bays which children visit post-operatively
  • a child-friendly holding bay which will include an additional small play area,
  • parents' waiting areas and discussion rooms to enable surgeons/anaesthetists to talk with families confidentially when their children are called to the theatres,
  • an examination room to enable children to be seen immediately prior to emergency surgery by an anaesthetist/surgeon who may otherwise be unable to go to the ward to see children pre-operatively.

Teaching Facilities

Theatres 3 and 4 are purpose-built integrated theatres which enable the viewing and teaching of complex endoscopy procedures. The viewing screens feed back to the teaching area to enable staff to view specialised procedures without being in theatre itself. This often gives the student a better overhead view and reduces infection control risks.

Rocket Outpatients

CHfW Rocket Oncology and Haematology Outpatients see children with cancer and non-malignant and haemoglobinopathy disorders.  As a department, we treat approximately 75 new children with cancer, leukaemia and brain tumours a year from Wales. 


  • 2 solid tumour clinics (Tuesday AM and Friday AM)
  • 1 non malignant haematology clinic (Monday AM)
  • 2 malignant haematology clinics (Tuesday PM & Wednesday AM)
  • 1 orthopaedic clinic that is run by a visiting consultant every three months.
  • 1 brain tumour clinic every month

We are the central point for communications for patients, families and other professionals.

We work with many other teams of doctors and nurses in the hospital.  Our team includes nurses (on the unit and in the community), doctors, Data Office staff, LATCH social workers, play specialists, psychologists, a dietician, physiotherapist and a pharmacist.


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