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Latest Developments

Children's Research Facility

We have a number of large research projects that take place on this site, and are working towards collaborating these into one department, with research in children's care at the centre of its day-to-day working. This spring, a study called RHINO will commence in the Admissions Unit on Seahorse, supported by the staff on this ward. In the future we hope to develop a dedicated clinical area within the Children's Hospital for Wales (CHfW) footprint.

Neonatal Unit

The current Neonatal Unit at the CHfW has 18 cots for neonates across mid, south and west Wales. The reconfiguration of these services across Wales through the South Wales Plan, along with obstetric services and paediatrics, will result in increasing number of births being centralised into larger units. A percentage of these deliveries will result in premature births or infants being born with congenital conditions, some of which will require surgery. Along with increased rates of survival and advancements in therapies and technology, the current accommodation requires modernization in order to meet the requirements of current and future predicted activity.

Over the next two years a new Neonatal Unit will be designed and developed along with the neonatologists and the specialist nursing and therapies team. We will also be building a new Special Care Baby Unit which will require family facilities for parents to care for their infants with increasing independence as the baby grows and progresses towards going home. The increased number of cots will require additional equipment, and we will be working alongside our Neonatal Unit charity partners to ensure the long term success of the project.

Ronald Macdonald Accommodation

The building work on the family accommodation to support the Noahs Ark CHfW was complete in 2017. This will provide overnight accommodation to support parents and families in both the Critical Care and Neonatal Units.

We currently have pull down beds in all bed spaces on the surgical, medical and oncology wards where parents can stay. There is also dedicated accommodation in another area of the hospital which supports our service whilst we are awaiting the completion of our building.
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