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Online Assessment

The following are a list of forms that you can expect to see at your EDAS appointment, we have done what we can to reduce the paperwork as much as possible in order for this to be less of a barrier for anyone who would like to access support and prevent duplication. However we hope you understand that we do need to keep a record of your circumstances and how we can support you to ensure the pathways between services are seamless.

You are welcome to complete a copy prior to your appointment and either email this to or print and bring it with you. We ask that everyone gives honest answers to the questions in order for the correct support to be put in place and the most appropriate information to be provided to you.

All About You

This form is exactly what it says. We ask for this form to be completed prior to the appointment, usually when you arrive, in order for you to give us brief information about yourself. We do this so that when we sit down and go through your options we already have a picture of what is going on and we can spend more time focusing on what you want from services and the options you have available to you.

EDAS Pre Assessment Form



Formally known as the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Tool, is a document used across England and Wales to determine the levels a person is drinking at. We ask that everyone who is consuming alcohol complete this form so we have a clearer idea of what level of support may be required. 

Audit Tool 


Also known as the Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire, it is a widely used document. We specifically ask anyone who would like medical intervention for their alcohol use to complete this form, again it gives us a better picture of what support would be the most appropriate. 

During the appointment the worker will complete a brief report with you to ensure you are signposted to the most appropriate service to meet your needs.

If you have any questions / concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0300 300 7000.





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