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Breaking Free Online

Breaking Free Online is a digital treatment and recovery programme for substance misuse. It is supported by a companion app, which is a relapse prevention toolkit based in a smartphone app, available on Android or Apple.

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The programme can be applied to 39 substances, including legal highs, substitute medications and prescribed medications of abuse and can be delivered as computer assisted by keyworkers and peer mentors or used independently by Service Users.


Serveral studies published in the UK and US show Breaking Free Online leads to:

  • A reduction in substance consumption and substance dependence.
  • Improved mental health, quality of life and recovery progression.
  • Increased resilience and self-efficacy.
  • Enhanced computer skills and digital inclusion.

Substance Misuse Service Providers like CGL have reported that service users that use Breaking Free Online in addition to standard treatment are:

  • 50% more likely to exit services successfully.
  • 60% less likely to re-present to services.

Benefits to Service Users:

  • Service Users are able to have round the clock access to evidence based recovery interventions.
  • Service Users can choose a tailored pathway depending on what they want help with. They can choose between alcohol only, drugs only, or alcohol and drugs.
  • The program equips service users with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to achieve long-term recovery and can address the underlying causes of their substance use and associated lifestyle.
  • The programme caters to all literacy levels and learning styles.
  • Can be seen as putting service users in control of their own recovery, whilst also equipping their supporters with step-by-step guidance.
  • Breaking Free Online measures and visually demonstrates the ingredients of recovery capital.
  • Helps service users build essential IT skills, so enhancing their opportunities for employment, education and training.

To find out more, please check out Breaking Free Online or alternatively please ask a member of staff during your next visit to EDAS.



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