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Who will I see?test

When you come in for you assessment, you will be seen by one of
our experienced Engagement Workers on a one-to-one basis in a completely confidential and safe environment. However, if you'd like to bring someone in with you that's not a problem.Our Engagement Workers are non-judgmental and passionate about helping you find the support that you need in order to create a future that is right for you.

What can I expect?

You can expect to have a confidential and private assessment with one of our Engagement Workers.

During the assessments we will need to ask questions about your current lifestyle. The assessments will include questions about
your substance use, health and social circumstances.These assessments last around 30 minutes.
We will use this information to work with you to find you the most appropriate support to help you in your journey of recovery.

What happens next?

Following the assessment we will complete the referral process
which will then lead to the appropriate services contacting you to arrange their support package.
We refer onto a number of agencies, including but not limited to:
  • Taith
  • Community Addictions Unit (CAU)
  • Dispensing and Treatment Team (DATT)
  • Recovery Cymru
  • Footsteps to Recovery
Each of the services we refer to specialise in a variety of treatment, ranging from harm reduction (advice and information), psychosocial interventions (including group work), aftercare provisions to provide relapse preventative work, to medicated treatments in and at different stages of recovery and use different methods to support people throughout their journey. Throughout our assessments we will ensure that we give you all thr information you need to make an informed decision about your next steps and onward referral pathway.

How can I arrange an appointment with EDAS?

You are able to self refer to EDAS. You can do this by phoning us on 0300 300 7000 (option 2). During this phone call we will take your basic details and then arrange an appointment. Appointments are usually given for the same week, so there shouldn't be much of a wait.
We also hold drop-in clinics on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. On these days you can drop into EDAS between 10-12 or 1-3pm and we will do our best to see you on the day.



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