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Allied Healthcare Professionals

Putting People at the Centre of Care

The Director of Therapies and Health Science Conference for 2016 is entitled “Putting people at the Centre of Care”.

This is to give examples of how we, therapists, healthcare scientists and pharmacists, work with patients, service users and carers as our equal partners in delivering outcomes that matter to them most.

The conference on 7 June is a showcase for examples of working with patients, service users and carers as equal partners in delivering outcomes that matter to people.

Often health care provision is focussed on doctors and nurses, yet there are more than 60 other clinical professions involved in diagnosing, caring and treating patients.

The conference see the launch of a brochure which shines a spotlight on a selection of examples that represent the work of therapists, healthcare scientists, and pharmacists. These valued staff are central to deliver the Cardiff and Vale UHB strategy “Shaping our future Wellbeing” and our mission of “Caring for People, Keeping People Well”.

The examples show how we have adopted the Welsh Government policy of Prudent Health Care, and the first principle of health care professionals working with citizens as equal partners through co-production.  See our strategic framework Working Prudently for further information on how we contribute to the prudent agenda.

In addition there are a range of platform presentations and a display of 30 posters giving further examples of our focus of putting patients at the centre of care, a number of which are included below.

We are delighted to have a motivational presentation from renowned sports personality Andy McCann and to be joined by Vaughan Gething the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport.

The conference also gives the 2016 Awards for Therapist, Healthcare Scientist and Pharmacist of the year.