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The Gym

What can we offer you?

Provide you with a graded introduction in how to become more Physically active, also offer him continued active lifestyle support. We can offer virtual sessions, if getting to us is a challenge. We always encourage the involvement of your friends or family in your sessions.

How would we help you achieve this?

  • Personal programmes and training plans
  • Practical exercise education, coaching and goal setting
  • Motivational coaching
  • Monitoring, testing & assessment of your physical ability


 Where can you exercise at the centre?

At the 2 mini-gyms, ward bedrooms and around the hospital grounds & locality.


What equipment do you have for you to us here at the CF centre?

At a glance; Treadmills, Bikes, Cross-trainers, Rowers, Steppers, Stability-balls, Balance-boards, Table-tennis, Free weights, Resistance-bands, a Multi-gym-stack-system, and much more!


How can we help you improve and continue an active lifestyle?

  • Search out and provide links to your local leisure and sports services.
  • Provide you with a lead to your local instructors, coaches and activity groups.
  • Direct referral to local national exercise referral schemes.
  • Come along with you to a few sessions for support if you want us to.
  • Connect you scratch up with you for a virtual, 1 to 1 or group, sessions on on-demand videos via BEAM.


 When he is your exercise service available?

8:30 am to 430 pm, Monday to Friday - for inpatient on outpatient basis.

The gym space and coaching are always available to you, by booking a times lot.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity during your admission and at your clinic appointments/meetings with your CF Centre team.


How we stay in contact?

Text:  02920 71 5912/ 02920 71 5913

Telephone:  07875 565 687


Web-video link:



We are at the end of your fingertips!

If distance is a problem, then link up with us via our Web-video link


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