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CF Centre Physiotherapy Team

The physio service team

Becky Mills-Bennett - Lead physiotherapist

Sarah Caunter - Senior Inpatient Physiotherapist

Angharad Rees - Senior Outpatient / Community Physiotherapist

Carwyn Bridges - Specialist Musculo-Skeletal and Outpatient


Steve Howard - Exercise Technician

Vicki Angulatta - Physiotherapy assistant

  • We can asses your respiratory health and help you to record your lung function; we usually do this at every clinic and every couple of days if you require a course of intravenous antibiotics.
  • We advise you on your airways clearance techniques; we can teach you new techniques, help to evaluate your current technique and maximise its effectiveness, and help you to try and fit it into your lifestyle.
  • We can advise on timings of your nebuliser and inhalers and the techniques for taking them in order to help them to be as effective for you as possible.
  • We can measure your exercise capacity and advise you on appropriate types and timings of exercise to help you achieve you exercise goals. We can also offer you exercise daily as an inpatient, weekly as an outpatient in our gym or connect via a virtual setting regularly at your convenience and location.
  • We can advise you on your posture and how to keep it good.
  • We can treat joint/muscle aches and pains should you become injured.
  • We can asses and treat your sinuses if you are having problems with them.
  • We can asses and treat incontinence problems.
  • We can visit you for an assessment at home relating to any of these issues if you live within an hours driving radius of the centre, if not we can connect virtually on the internet.
  • We can also provide you with information leaflets on all aspects of physiotherapy, exercise, urinary incontinence, nebulisers, nebulised therapies, supplementary oxygen, and tests to assess pulmonary function, exercise, musculo-skeletal problems, airway clearance, sinuses and posture. These can be found in our clinic and ward areas. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask and we can give or send any of these leaflets to you.

Our aim is to help you live a full and active life throughout all stages of Cystic fibrosis and to minimise the impact of the treatments that help enable this to happen.

Contact Us

  • 029 20716841
  • 029 20716256
  • 029 20715949

Alternatively ring 029 20711711 and ask for bleep 4989

Cystic Fibrosis physio flowchart