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Preparing for Surgery

In preparation for your hospital admission, you must carefully follow all of the instructions below for your 14-DAY isolation.


  • Isolate within the confines of your home. If family members are unable to isolate you must stay in a separate room and use separate washroom and dining facilities. Prepare your own meals and use your own cutlery where possible.
  • Strictly avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (these include high temperature and/ or new continuous cough and/or loss of taste or smell).
  • Travel to your hospital admission with someone from your own household. If this is not possible, please either travel with a family member who is not isolating or use a Taxi. Please ensure that you wear a mask and sit in the rear of the vehicle on opposite side to the driver.
  • Wear the surgical mask provided at our Preoperative Assessment Clinic for your journey to the Hospital.
  • Provide us with your most up to date contact number.



  • Leave your house unless in an emergency or for emergency medical treatment. This includes exercising or walking the dog.
  • Meet with friends and family who do not live in your home with you.
  • Use public transport (bus/train) Use a Taxi if you have no other transport to the hospital. If you require Hospital transport please inform the team.
  • Go out for supplies and medicines, ensure that these are delivered to your household.
  • Attend gatherings e.g. weddings and religious ceremonies.


You can only be admitted for your procedure if you (and your household members) have had no symptoms of Covid-19 infection, have isolated following the instructions above and you have had a negative Covid-19 swab. If you (or a household member) develop Covid-19 symptoms, don’t adequately isolate or have a positive swab, for everyone’s safety your procedure will be postponed until we can be sure that it is safe to proceed.

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