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National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death

NCEPOD's purpose is to assist in maintaining and improving standards of care for adults and children for the benefit of the public by reviewing the management of patients, by undertaking confidential surveys and research, by maintaining and improving the quality of patient care and by publishing and generally making available the results of such activities.

The Health board actively participate in NCEPOD studies. Most recently these include Delay in Transit a study looking at the quality of care provided to patients aged over 16 years with a diagnosis of acute bowel obstruction, and Pulmonary Embolism: Know the Score a study highlighting the quality of care of patients aged 16 and over who had a Pulmonary Embolus, who either presented to hospital or who developed a PE whilst as an inpatient for another condition.

Within the study reports it is not possible to see the results at individual organisational level, we therefore work with clinicians to benchmark our performance against the recommendations of the study. We report our benchmarked results for individual studies that we have participated in through our Quality, Safety and Experience Committee.

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