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Supporting Transgender Staff Procedure

The Supporting Transgender Staff Procedure has developed to ensure that employees of Cardiff and Vale UHB are aware of their responsibilities and the processes for creating a fair and equal culture in which staff are protected from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of their transgender status.    
The Procedure provides workplace guidance on the following areas and aims to:

  • Create an open, diverse and supportive work environment that meets the needs of all Trans people and supports their aspirations.
  • Assist managers in supporting staff who have changed their gender identity before joining the organisation where support is needed or requested.
  • Assist managers in supporting staff who may be considering changing or are changing their gender identity whilst employed by the UHB.
  • To support transgender staff, their managers, colleagues and all other staff in maintaining a professional working environment that embraces diversity, and promotes fairness and equity for all.
  • Provide general advice and guidance to build understanding around transgender issues and gender reassignment;

To support you a briefing sheet containing Top Tips for Making your Service Inclusive and Welcoming for Trans People has also been developed.
If you are unsure about any particular aspects of it please contact the Human Resources Advisory Team on UHW 5700 or for further advice. You can also contact the Equality Manager on UHW 42267.

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